World Chapionships Aarhus, Denmark.

The World sailing Championships was the biggest event of the 2018 year. It was the first opportunity to qualify Ireland for the Olympics in 2020. We had done all the preperation and were feeling good leading into this regatta, however with some poor results ont he first day of racing, we had left ourselves a lot of work to do. 

With offshore shifty conditions, as expected in Aarhus, we didnt manage to have the speed or the luck to get some consistancy on the first day, even after port tacking the fleet on our final race, we rounded the top mark in 20th. The next days races we showed really the potentioal that we have and got some top 10 scores, howerver in our final race of qualifying we were positioned 4th when the race got cancelled. The wind slowely decreased and this killed our chances of qualifying for Gold finals. 

We were of courese extremely dissapointed with this performance and the frustration of our first day really made it hard for us to get back into a solid position. We have learned so much this year, the pressure of the big events and the importance of getting consistancy in our racing. we are not quite there yet with this, though it motivates us to keep pushing to develop our skills. 

Again we would really like to thank everyone who supports us, as without you this would not even be possible. 


Ryan & Seafra 

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