Cadiz training camp

Ryan & Seafra Sailing, Cadiz Camp, Jan 6th-16th.

The New Year came and it was time to start our new project. First thing first, getting all our equipment packed and transported to Cadiz, Spain. Whilst Seafra was concentrated on his studies, Ryan decided that he would enjoy sleeping in the van and driving through Europe, and get the gear to Cadiz. Bring it on! As we all know, things don’t always go as planned. The lights on the trailer decided not to work, however Ryan’s dad came to the rescue with a new trailer board, so he could make it on time for the ferry.

From here on everything seemed to go smooth, Ryan travelled through England, next step France, then down through Spain. Along the way he had many fuel stops, been through his iPhone playlist many times and thought about the new exciting adventure.

Finally he made it to Cadiz. He was shocked by the amazing sailing setup and the 20 degrees, at the beginning of January!

“We had 10 great days on the water, with many productive hours. We managed to get 10 hours within the first two days, highlighting that driving to Cadiz for training was the best move for time on the water…

We trained with the Danish 49er team, which we shared information and skills to develop both campaigns. We also managed to find some time in the evenings for a few games of pool and some pizza!”

It was not all fun and games; they had over 30 hours on the water in the past 10 days of training, with quality coaching from the recent Bronze Medalist and star, Jena Mai Hansen..:) The energy from the two teams began to slowly decrease, both mentally and physically. They had bruises, cuts, blisters and muscle soreness all over. Ryan tried to mention about having sore stomach muscles from trapeezing, however he was slowly shut down by the look of Seafra’s open wounds!

“We have made massive improvements over these past 10 days and are very excited about coming back to Cadiz, for a further two more camps.”

Ryan & Seafra Sailing.