Post Mallorca update

Team Update: 01/05/2017

Ryan & Séafra Sailing..

So we have been very busy over the past two months, from competing in our first international regatta together, preparing for university exams, taking part in fitness tests and then through to transporting our equipment from Palma to Denmark for our next training phase.

Palma regatta was a great event for us guys. We both learnt a lot about each others roles regarding communication and sailing skills, and also the teamwork involved with how everything works during a regatta. We were faced with challenges which we expected, when you have only sailed together for 30 days! Though we worked well together, being able to use both experience and youth to climb up the fleet each day, finishing with a 2nd & 3rd in our last day of racing.

We are both realistic with our goals, and already we are further ahead than we had expected, which is always a great feeling. At the minute we are not sailing as much as we would like, however it's not all about the time on the water. We have to work on our fitness and making sure that when we do sail, we can work at 100%.

Our plans going forward are really exciting. We not only get to go sailing on the 15th of May but Seafra’s exams finish on the 12th! :) so he can go sailing, with only the stress of sailing with Ryan!

We will have two training camps in Denmark with a great group of boats before heading to Kiel for our next regatta. Again this will be another training regatta, focusing on the skills that we practise each day. This will enable us to slowly improve our performances under the pressure of a racing environment.

Well, thats everyone up to date, again we would like to thank all of our supporters and followers on our campaign towards Tokyo. Without you this for sure would not be possible!

Ryan & Séafra.